Monday, June 24, 2019
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About The Book

The Heart Of HollywoodJoe Sutton went through a phase in his life when he thought he was either dying or wanted to die. It was neither. He was being cleansed and given a second chance to live life in a moral and high character manner if he so chose. It might be a path or journey, some people call it that, but Joe sees it as an opportunity to create a life that will satisfy him with purpose, fulfillment and meaning. If it is a path/journey, that is in God’s hands. He wrote his book so he would never forget. Destiny will bring it into your hands if it is meant to be.

"The Heart Of Hollwood" book can be purchased online at both and Barnes & Noble.

"Joe M. Sutton lives straight, talks straight, shoots straight. He lives up to this standard with his book. Read on..." --- Peter Fonda